Text of “For The Glory … Know The Words” Campaign Announcement Press Conference

Beaver Stadium, University Park – Tuesday, Oct. 14

Remarks by SOS Chairman Thomas Shakely: Good afternoon; I’d like to thank you all for coming.  As the chairman and founder of SOS, I wanted to take a few moments to share the details of our campaign to get the entire Penn State student section singing the words to our fight songs in Beaver Stadium this Saturday.

I’ll keep my remarks brief.  Think of this less like a press conference, like the one many of you just left, and more like a short, informal conversation.  We hope this will be one of the many special goings on at Penn State this week that add to the excitement of Homecoming.  I’ll tell you a bit about it, answer any questions, and I hope you’ll see fit to help us spread the word by reporting on it.

[referencing Paternoville]  This is incredible, by the way – unique and special.  Paternoville represents a lot of what makes Penn State great, and that’s why we’re here today.

Safeguard Old State formed more than a year ago, because many Penn State students and alumni felt our University can and should be better than it is, and that these changes needed to grow from the ground up.  Since that time, the organization has steadily grown, a pattern that includes our recent achievement of non-profit status, fueled by our goal of fostering a renaissance in Penn State life.  A big part of making that happen is reconnecting Penn Staters with the traditions of their alma mater.

Which brings us to the traditional Penn State fight songs.  In an effort to nudge along our own humble contribution to the Beaver Stadium atmosphere, SOS is announcing the “For The Glory … Know The Words” school spirit campaign.  All this week, we will be partnering with student leaders and other organizations to spread the word.

We’ve already set up a page on our website, SafeguardOldState.org, where visitors can learn the history of State’s two most recognizable fight songs, Fight On, State, of course, and The Nittany Lion.  We have also published a “Learn the Words” video on YouTube.  Today, we’ll begin utilizing Facebook, and tomorrow, more than 20,000 on-campus students will receive lyric sheets in their dorm mailboxes.  Throughout the week, SOS representatives will continue our efforts to get the word out by meeting with students, flyering, and engaging the media.

It’s an exciting time to be a Penn State fan and an even better time to be a Penn State student.  We’re looking forward to engaging our peers over the next week, making this work, and giving the Wolverines a rousing chorus of Fight On, State this Saturday.

Thanks, sincerely, for your time.