Safeguard Old State: Executive Staff

Chris Morell – Executive Director

Christopher Morell is the Executive Director of Safeguard Old State. A sophomore at Penn State University, Mr. Morell is the head of the Safeguard Old State Executive Staff and all public advocacy and education initiatives.

Mr. Morell is also active on campus as an off-campus representative in the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) and formerly as a sales associate for The Daily Collegian‘s Business Division.

Ralph Crivello – Director, University Faculty Relations

Ralph Crivello is a senior in chemical engineering at Penn State. Mr. Crivello is responsible for advancing the mission of Safeguard Old State with faculty, primarily through the University Faculty Senate.

Mr. Crivello also serves as Chairman of the Assembly of Student Representatives of the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) and College of Engineering Student Senator in the University Faculty Senate (UFS).

Joe Veltre – Director, University Student Relations

Joe Veltre is a senior in biochemistry and molecular biology. Mr. Veltre is responsible for advancing the mission of Safeguard Old State with undergraduate students, primarily through advocacy and outreach activities.

Mr. Veltre has also been active in the IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon as a Morale Captain. He is also widely known as the founder of the annual State Patty’s Day tradition at Penn State.

Enrique Ortiz – Director, University Alumni Relations

Enrique Ortiz is an alumnus of Penn State University. Mr. Ortiz graduated in 2008 with a degree in political science. During his time as an undergraduate, he served as President of the Penn State College Democrats.

Mr. Ortiz currently resides in the United Kingdom, where he is studying politics and government in the European Union at the London School of Economics. He coordinates all alumni activities for Safeguard Old State.