An Unusual Tradition

Today I walked up the mall from McLanahans and I saw a crowd sitting outside of Willard building, meaning only 1 thing, The Willard Preacher was there.  Now say what you will about your personal beleifs, it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is the effect the preacher has on Penn state.  He some how brings students together outside of the classroom in a manner different from a football game.  The Willard preacher is a tradition here at Penn State, an eccentric and loud man, that we will all remember long after we hopefully receive those diplomas.  

He is an example of something we are trying to do here at Safeguard Old State.  Penn State is so much more then partying and getting a job.  It is my dream to Reunite Penn State Students with the other half of the their education.  To realize with the success we all strive for we must get there with honor.

Events like State Patties day, are only the begining, there are so many other traditions here at Penn State, like the Phi Sci 500, and the Mifflin Streak.  We here at Safeguard Old State hope to not simply go against our administration, but to work together with students, administrators, and the townspeople to create an open dialogue on all issues pertaining to the University.  We have invited multiple administrators to blog on our website to ensure all voices are heard, and we invite any other person or group to initiate respectful dialogue here at Safeguard Old

WE have a busy year ahead of us and all of us here are very excited to hit the ground running.  I hope to see as many new faces, and feel free to contact me at


Chris Morell