Safeguard Old State Converts To A New Platform

Safeguard Old State is back after a brief one week interruption, and we’re pleased to inform you, our community of readers and friends, that a number of significant improvements have been made to our website’s infrastructure.

Since this movement for a renewed Penn State began more than two years ago, the website has been powered solely by WordPress. In the beginning, when we existed primarily as a blogging initiative, our needs were well served, and all was well. As time progressed and articles, blog entries and features increased in both number and variety, our needs became greater.

As a result we’ve converted Safeguard Old State to WordPress Mu, which allows for much greater flexibility in terms of how we publish our content and is a fantastic open source project. The move to WordPress Mu will help us achieve a number of strategic goals that we aim to accomplish both publicly and privately throughout the summer and during the coming academic year.

The Safeguard Old State website design remains the same, but the underlying engine has been turbocharged, so to speak. Stay with us as we continue to develop the website during the slower summer months, and as we continue to spur dialog and discussion here in our Nittany Valley and beyond.