The Safeguard Old State Challenge

The Safeguard Old State Challenge represents the core focus of our advocacy and education mission. In practice, the Safeguard Old State Challenge would mean fundamental, transformational change for the Pennsylvania State University in a way that would bring us back to our roots as a land-grant university and still enable us to succeed nationally as a genuinely student-centered research institution.

We are working to enact all parts of the Safeguard Old State Challenge. As a stakeholder in the future of higher education as it relates to Penn State, you can help us advance these goals that will transform our university.

Safeguard Old State exists to serve the common interest rather than the special interest, raising the public good over the personal good.

Academic Excellence

Safeguard Old State envisions a university community at Penn State that once more can earn a stellar reputation for academic excellence. As it now stands, our reputation — built largely by generations of Penn Staters of years past — is one of great spirit and academic and civic achievement.

Student Tuition & Fees

Safeguard Old State seeks a return to a sensible, fiscally responsible stewardship of student tuition and fees by all Penn State officials — students, faculty and administrators.

Shared Governance

Safeguard Old State envisions a return to the principles of shared governance at Penn State University. In practical terms, shared governance means that each of the three primary stakeholders in the university — students, faculty and administrators — have equal authority and decision-making power over their areas of influence.

Fraternity & Sorority Life

Safeguard Old State seeks a renewal of fraternity and sorority life, indeed, a renewal of the greek system as a whole at Penn State. In times past, the greek life system gave birth to what are today some of the greatest landmarks and traditions of our community.

Student Union & Clubs

Safeguard Old State knows the value of our student union building — the HUB-Robeson Center — as the heart of student activity and involvement at Penn State University. Yet, with rising student tuition and and unregulated fees, our student union building has in many ways been co-opted by non-students.

Fiscal Transparency

Safeguard Old State believes that, as a university community, we can contain skyrocketing student tuition and fees in part by making a good faith effort toward fiscal transparency. As a land-grant, public institution, Penn State is charged with a unique mission within the Commonwealth to educate the poor and middle class youth of Pennsylvania.

Taxpayer Appropriations

Safeguard Old State believes that the taxpayers who work to fund a sizable portion of our education deserve to know more clearly how their financial investment is spent. Each year, Penn State University receives hundreds of millions in taxpayer funding from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, yet our administrators refuse to disclose how that state appropriated funding is spent.

Trustee Stewardship

Safeguard Old State seeks to reinvest our trustees in the life of our university. Penn State Trustees, from the founding of The Farmer’s High School, have been some of the most decent and honorable men and women in Pennsylvania. Historically the fiercest advocates of the land-grant mission of the university to educate liberally for a “practical education,” our trustees have deeply understood their role as stewards of a great legacy.