The SOS Challenge: Fiscal Transparency

The Safeguard Old State Vision for Fiscal Transparency
Safeguard Old State believes that, as a university community, we can contain skyrocketing student tuition and fees in part by making a good faith effort toward fiscal transparency. As a land-grant, public institution, Penn State is charged with a unique mission within the Commonwealth to educate the poor and middle class youth of Pennsylvania.

Yet, with an annual operating budget of nearly $4 billion — almost double what it was ten years ago — the university family has no way to ensure that our administrators are spending responsibly. As a public institution that receives taxpayer appropriations, we have a higher obligation than most of our peers to disclose our spending habits and prove our worthiness for future investment from both students and taxpayers.

Fiscal transparency is a much needed antidote to the spending craze of the past few decades, and can ensure that Penn State University continues to grow while not spending beyond its means.

The Keys To A Return To Glory

  • Safeguard Old State is working to develop solutions in this area. We expect for this information to be made available later this month.