The SOS Challenge: Fraternity & Sorority Life

The Safeguard Old State Vision for Fraternity & Sorority Life
Safeguard Old State seeks a renewal of fraternity and sorority life, indeed, a renewal of the greek system as a whole at Penn State. In times past, the greek life system gave birth to what are today some of the greatest landmarks and traditions of our community.

From the beauty and timeless architecture of so many of the fraternities that grace State College to traditions on campus like the annual Dance Marathon — the world’s largest student-run philanthropy — our greek system has made us proud. Greeks were, in many ways, the physical embodiment of the best of our university in manners and accomplishment.

Today, our greek system suffers from an image problem and our fraternity men have a generally poor reputation. In order to return to glory in our greek system, we must rediscover those ideals which once made our greeks some of the greatest among us.

The Keys To A Return To Glory

  • Safeguard Old State is working to develop solutions in this area. We expect for this information to be made available later this month.