The SOS Challenge: Student Union & Clubs

The Safeguard Old State Vision for the Student Union & Clubs
Safeguard Old State knows the value of our student union building — the HUB-Robeson Center — as the heart of student activity and involvement at Penn State University. Yet, with rising student tuition and and unregulated fees, our student union building has in many ways been co-opted by non-students.

The Hetzel Union Building, built by students in 1955, represented that center of student life for Penn Staters. Since that time, and particularly since the most recent round of renovations and expansion in the last decade, the student union building and the clubs within it have morphed into something that would be wholly alien to Penn Staters of the 1950s.

Administration offices have become as prevalent as student offices, and clubs are no longer managed or regulated by the student government — the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA). Our student union building can no longer boast of itself as a place uniquely reserved for student activities and the clubs within it are no longer regulated and mentored by student peers.

The Keys To A Return To Glory

  • Safeguard Old State is working to develop solutions in this area. We expect for this information to be made available later this month.