The SOS Challenge: Taxpayer Appropriations

The Safeguard Old State Vision for Taxpayer Appropriations
Safeguard Old State believes that the taxpayers who work to fund a sizable portion of our education deserve to know more clearly how their financial investment is spent. Each year, Penn State University receives hundreds of millions in taxpayer funding from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, yet our administrators refuse to disclose how that state appropriated funding is spent.

No reasonable person would continue to support financially a cause or institution that failed to disclose how one’s donation — in our case, taxpayer funding — is spent. As it stands, Pennsylvanians have almost no way in which to ensure that the millions allocated each year to Penn State are spent responsibly.

Fiscal transparency on the part of our administration is possibly the single greatest factor contributing to our failure as a university to convince the legislature that we deserve an ever greater investment. State funding has not kept pace with institutional cost, yet can we blame our legislators for their refusal to write what essentially amounts to a blank check to Penn State?

The Keys To A Return To Glory

  • Safeguard Old State is working to develop solutions in this area. We expect for this information to be made available later this month.