The SOS Challenge: Trustee Stewardship

The Safeguard Old State Vision for Trustee Stewardship
Safeguard Old State seeks to reinvest our trustees in the life of our university. Penn State Trustees, from the founding of The Farmer’s High School, have been some of the most decent and honorable men and women in Pennsylvania. Historically the fiercest advocates of the land-grant mission of the university to educate liberally for a “practical education,” our trustees have deeply understood their role as stewards of a great legacy.

For many decades now, though, the classical view of the university as a home to the liberally educated man and woman have faded from memory. This view has been replaced by the multiversity model, which holds that students are little more than consumers in a system, and the university merely a big box competitor of others nationally, offering little in terms of the special or unique.

We seek to spark a dialog over the future of our university, championing the classical model of the university as a place for young men and women to be formed into responsible and serious young adults, equipped with the minds to tackle issues both great and small. Our trustees, naturally, play a central role in this dialog, as they determine our future as a real university.

The Keys To A Return To Glory

  • Safeguard Old State is working to develop solutions in this area. We expect for this information to be made available later this month.