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The Greek Life

Dispatches from Fraternity Row

Introduction: My Greek Pride

I have been a fraternity member for all four years of my college career. Pausing a moment to take it all in, it seems like just yesterday I was a “new member” of my fraternity (we used to be called “pledges”). To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what all I was going to get out of “going Greek.” Well that was years ago now – my inability to understand what being Greek meant seems kind of silly in hindsight.

My name is Frank Keller. When I was asked to write a series of guest articles for SOS, I jumped at the opportunity. I have witnessed that Greek life is very difficult to fully appreciate for those external to the system. This will be a recurring theme in my writings, to be sure. In the meantime, why should you even read my articles?

My story reads as follows: I am the current Vice President of the UPUA alongside President Hillary Lewis (both of us hail from Greek life and perhaps you have read about us on SOS!). Until just recently, I was the Executive Vice President of the Interfraternity Council at Penn State.

Finally, turning back the calendar a bit, whenever I am asked about what experience most transformed me into the person I am today, I always say that it was my time as my fraternity’s president, for better or for worse, that made me – well, me. It is through all of these lenses that I will try to convey my thoughts and feelings about the Greek community. Please stay tuned for more installments.

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