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The Greek Life

Dispatches from Fraternity Row

‘Going Greek’: What It Means To Me

I’m Hillary Gupta and I’ll be writing here for the rest of the semester. I’ll start off by giving y’all some info about myself: I’m a sophomore majoring in business marketing and minoring in Spanish. I am very involved with Greek life and the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA). I’ve been an At-Large representative of UPUA for the past two years and am currently the Special Events and Programming Committee Chair. I am also a sister of the Delta Zeta sorority. Last year I was the Risk Manager and I was just installed as the 2008 President.

I have found that being in both UPUA and Greek life has been extremely beneficial for me as a student. I can bring information that I learn in both places to the other. It’s very nice for UPUA to have Greek input seeing as we do make up about 12% of undergraduate life here at Penn State.

Going Greek is one of the best decisions I have ever made and has always been something I wanted to do. I’m from Texas where fraternity/sorority life is HUGE (and completely different) and is very popular to rush. When a student has left for college, the typical order of questions from family friends are in the following order…”How does she like school?” “Does she miss home?” and “What sorority did she pledge?”

It’s completely understood that one has gone Greek. As much as I love everything else that I’m involved in, my sincerest devotion is to Greek life.

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Way to contribute, Strong start.

Hilary! I have to agree with you.. Going greek was definitely one of the best decisions I made. Especially when you get to participate in awesome events like Greek Sing!! The bond I formed with my greek sing partner, through various “trust” exercises, is something I will never forget!


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