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Hi everyone! Seeing how it’s that time again for the Greeks, I thought I’d talk a little bit about recruitment. Every fraternity and sorority goes through recruitment in the fall and takes a new member class to add to their organizations, and many go through it again in the spring. However, fall and spring recruitment are run differently, and seeing as I’m only very educated on how the sororities run it, I’ll only talk about that.

Fall recruitment is a stressful two-week period (and completely dry) where you have all the potential new members register through Panhellenic, and each sorority holds little “parties” in their suite. We call them parties, but what I mean- is having about 20 new girls come in at a time and have them meet about 50 of us and just get to know each other, learn about our philanthropy, etc.

There are 3 rounds (Open Houses, First Rounds, and Second Rounds) of circuiting all the different sororities, each consisting of about 3 days, then Preference Night- where the potential new member attends her three favorite sororities and participates in a nice ceremony/ritual that the sisters have set up. Then of course, you rank your top three while the sororities compile a list of the girls that we want as their sisters, and then Bid Day, the most exciting part, comes.

If you’ve ever been in the HUB in the early Fall and seen hundreds of girls all wearing different colors, holding big signs, and yelling so loud that you probably can’t think? That’s us. All the new girls receive their bid acceptance from the sorority they match up with, and then run out on the lawn to meet them and their newest pledge class. This day is easily the most exciting of any part of recruitment and you get a certain feeling of relief that the two week process is over and won’t return again until the next year.

Then comes spring recruitment. Like I said before, it’s completely different than fall. The sororities who want to participate (everyone doesn’t have to) hold events in their suite and invite girls that they know are interested in joining one. This only continues for about a week with each sorority only holding a few events. This process if FAR less stressful and way more casual than fall.

When they’ve met all of the girls that they want to, they hand out bids to join their spring pledge class! I know almost half of the Panhellenic sororities took spring pledge classes this year and we’re all very happy with them.

In case anyone was wondering how Panhellenic sororities choose their members and how it actually becomes a sorority, there ya go!

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