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Well, we’re at the last canning weekend before the 2008 IFC/Panhellenic Dance MaraTHON which will be held from February 22-24th.

If you go to Penn State, you definitely know what THON is and know what it’s all about. BUT, for those of you who might not, THON is an amazing fundraiser that students not only from University Park participate in, but students from the other commonwealth campuses as well. All of the money raised at THON is transferred to The Four Diamonds Fund to help those diagnosed with cancer at the Penn State Children’s Hospital in Hershey, PA.

All of the sororities pair up with a fraternity, and many different organizations leave Penn State for four weekends during the school year to can anywhere from Canada to Maryland. What does it mean to “can”?? It means that students go to various intersections or strip malls with cans asking people for money to support this great cause.

1973 marked the first year to have THON and it was held in the HUB raising over $2,000. THON has been expanding ever since and has been moved from the HUB to the White Building to Rec Hall and then to the Bryce Jordan Center for it’s second year. Penn State’s THON has become the largest student-run philanthropy in the world and in 2007, we raised $5,240,385.17. The most yet!!

My sorority pairs up with Delta Tau Delta and have two THON children, Dylan Moser (8 years old) and Allison Smoluk (17 years old). This is Allison’s first year to be a THON child and it happens to be her 18th birthday on Friday! Last year, our sorority and fraternity were not in the top ten, but did raise $65,000 For The Kids. Zeta Tau Alpha sororityand Alpha Tau Omega fraternity have been the top money raisers for THON for the past 12 years earning $293,591 in 2007.

Even though each sorority/fraternity pair raise money to donate solely from their organizations, I think it’s amazing that Greek Life raises HALF of the money raised at THON.

Good luck this weekend! FTK!!

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some questions to show if we truly “know what its all about.”

who owns / runs the four diamonds fund? (ie. who is legally culpable for it?)

are the books open?

is there full transparency?

where can i see this information?

do the funds raised go to an endowment? all of them? any of them?

what portion, if any, is directly given to the families for them to use as they see fit?

what portion, if any, is used to “reimburse” expenses already paid by ______ on behalf of the families?

what portion, if any, does not go to the families or towards reimbursing direct expenses incurred by the families?

what portion, if any, goes to construction? research?

these are important questions. i simply do not trust penn state enough to participate without full, verifiable answers to them.

i also might add that shamefully, the collegian has never asked these questions, they instead always cheerlead.

wouldn’t some investigative journalism be worthwhile, even if there isn’t any dirt there?

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