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Phi Delta Theta Pres. Kevin Haslam on The LION 90.7fm

I don’t mean to inundate the blogs with media appearances from The LION 90.7fm, but I do want to feature one other recent interview that is relevant to one of the campus controversies to which we’ve been devoting ongoing coverage.

As readers of Safeguard Old State’s Greek blog will know, we’ve been covering Phi Delta Theta’s struggle to regain their charter and recognition from both their national headquarters and the administration at Penn State University.

On April 24, The LION 90.7fm’s public affairs talk program, Radio Free Penn State, welcomed Phi Delta Theta President Kevin Haslam on for an exclusive in-depth interview on the entire controversy. The interview last for just over one half hour and is well worth your time if you’re interested in learning more about the greek system in general at Penn State and Phi Delta Theta’s history at our university.


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Some interesting observations:

1) Kevin routinely avoided responsibility. You are responsible for the company you keep – even if they are from another school.

2) After you break a rule is not the time to debate the ethics or validity of that rule. The rule has been around for more than ten years, and Phi Delt’s national claim to fame is this alcohol-free housing rule, AND it is included in the new member program, so there is little excuse for not knowing that this rule exists.

3) Penn State student affairs won’t recognize a chapter that is not recognized by its own national, so Fraternity & Sorority Life won’t support people who break their own national rules.

4) My suggestion for the chapter: instead of rabble rousing and shouting at the top of your lungs how you disagree with all of this, Kevin, you are a very articulate guy. I was impressed with what you had to say and how well you said it. Sit down with Phi Delt leadership, your alumni, and Penn State (Roy Baker or someone else) to work out a plan to keep the chapter there. You may have to compromise your stance on alcohol-free housing, but what is the overall goal here: to have alcohol in your house or keep your fraternity chapter?

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