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Acacia Fraternity ‘One Of The Leaders’ At Penn State

Acacia fraternity held a special dinner last night which President Graham Spanier, Vice President for Student Affairs Damon Sims and Director for Greek Life Roy Baker attended. Acacia held the dinner as a “thank you” for an earlier dinner at Mr. Spanier’s house this semester.

This article, which appeared today in The Daily Collegian, offers one more great example of how greek life at Penn State is on the verge of a renaissance. In this rare instance, Safeguard Old State and Mr. Spanier can both agree: Acacia represents “one of the leaders” in greek life at our university.

Spanier Eats Dinner At Acacia FraternityThe Daily Collegian – “Yes, you have great parties,” [Roy] Baker said. “But you also raise a lot of money, do a lot of service, do a lot of good.” He added that Acacia “consistently helps us change the fraternity culture at Penn State.”

Acacia member Jared Wolfe (senior-biochemistry) said he had misconceptions about fraternity life before coming to Penn State.

“Fraternities do have their problems,” he said. “Being able to develop positive aspects of fraternities would really benefit the greek system.”

Sims said it is important for fraternities to reach out to the Penn State community to dispel misconceptions about greek life, adding administrators want to help support greek life at the university.

“If any fraternity on this campus fails, it’s our failure, too,” he said. “It’s very important for you to know you have a place where can seek such support.”

Over the past few months, I’ve grown to appreciate immensely the unique contributions of various leaders in greek life at Penn State. High on my list is Luke Pierce, head of SAE.

Luke appreciates the special relationship his fraternity must have with the wider campus and community if it is to be successful, and has a remarkable grasp of the kind of long-term strategic thinking necessary for the continued success of his fraternity.

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