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Greeks: Situation is a call to action

Currently, the future of the Interfraternity (IFC) and Panhellenic Council (PHC) Associate Vice President (AVP) positions on THON’s Overall Committee is uncertain. 


However, this situation should not be a time for hostility – such action is not befitting of our community nor is in the best interest of our cause.  Rather, we should question the nature of this issue and what we can do to resolve it–not only in our best interest, but in the best interest of THON and, most importantly, the kids. 

We should view this moment as an opportunity to bring the discussion and the first steps of aggressive and positive change to our community.

As just over 10 percent of the student population, Greeks raised roughly 40 percent of the total money donated to THON. 

We firmly believe that the IFC and PHC AVP positions should be a part of the THON Overall Committee. Yet, at the same time, we recognize the need for proactive ideas to shape the roles and responsibilities of the positions.  To achieve this, IFC and PHC have called for the creation of a joint committee, which will actively collaborate with the THON Overall Committee to bring substance to the positions.

In an act of good faith–and with the interest of the kids in mind–Greeks before us never treated THON as a Greek-only philanthropy event. Because of our willingness to be inclusive, THON has grown and flourished beyond even its founders’ expectations and dreams.  At this time, with this same faith and the principles Greeks founded THON upon in mind, we call upon our community to strengthen our relationship with the organization we hold so dearly in our hearts and minds. 

When thoughtful and creative ideas are brought to the table we can only trust that they will be heard and that the same good faith will shown to us in return.

Opportunity is born out of this time of uncertainty. In 1973, Greeks created THON. In 2009, Greeks have the opportunity to make it better.

This article was contributed by the Executive Council members of the Interfraternity Council and the Panhellenic Council.  Luke Pierce is the President of the Interfraternity Council and can be reached by e-mail at wlp5006@gmail.com.  Mairys Joaquin is the President of the Panhellenic Council and can be reached by e-mail at mgj5004@psu.edu.

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