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“The New USG” – PSU STOP featured in Penn Stater Magazine

One of our alumni members alerted us that PSU STOP was featured in the alumni magazine Penn Stater. Welcome to all the new visitors this reference has brought in. PSU STOP’s blog has been relatively dormant since the USG elections, but that doesn’t mean the organization has stopped working. If you are interested in helping us, please visit the “How to Help” page.

The article provides a decent summary of how student representation came to be in its current pitiful state. Will Penn State students ever have a strong representative voice to safeguard student traditions and share governance? The magic eight-ball reads, “Cloudy, under Triponey’s watch.”
Here is the article, courtesy of the Penn Stater magazine:

“The New USG”
Student Government is still standing, but on weaker legs. The USG-the recognized student government at Penn State since 1962-has been relegated to club status in order to make way for a new student group, the University Park Undergraduate Association, set to start functioning Oct. 15.
In contrast to the USG-which is modeled after the U.S. government, with executive, legislative, and judicial branches-the UPUA is a single governing body. The group began as the recommendation of a commission to reform student government in 2005. In March of this year, a referendum was held online, pitting the UPUA against the USG to see which the student body preferred. The UPUA won.
Not everyone was happy with the change: The Collegian printed an editorial protesting UPUA’s inclusion of University administrators on a committee to approve amendments to the group’s constitution, and a group of alumni and students formed a group called PSU STOP, for Safe-guarding Traditions of Penn State ( psustop.com) to oppose the UPUA.
But the administration – citing student support and the results of the referendum – recognized the UPUA as the new student government. “I would advise those that ran for the USG to get ready and run for UPUA instead,” Vice President of Student Affairs Vicky Triponey told the Collegian.

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