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UPUA Campaign Season Starts Today; Elections October 11

Editor’s Note: This blog post originally appeared on the website of “Safeguarding Traditions Of Penn State,” which was the precursor to Safeguard Old State. It appears here for posterity.


Officially, campaigning started yesterday at 5pm for all those running for 28 open seats on the University Park Undergraduate Authority (UPUA). Turnout for the open seats was low, with a number of instances where there are not even enough students running to fill seats, making many candidates uncontested.

“I thought our turnout was pretty decent,” Katie Vogel, UPUA elections commissioner for candidates and campaigns, said. “Since it’s new, we knew it wasn’t going to just explode onto the scene.”

I’m not sure how Vogel can honestly consider turnout “pretty decent” considering that there aren’t enough students running to fill the just over two dozens open seats. At Penn State, with roughly 45,000 undergraduate students, it seems shameful that the UPUA cannot attract enough interest to fill only a handful of representative seats.

That being said, I’d like to offer the disclaimer that I myself am running for a seat on UPUA as an off-campus representative. Though my disagreements with how UPUA was brought about are well documented here on PSUS and elsewhere, as students we have to at least see what we can or cannot accomplish for undergraduates through UPUA rather than rejecting the body outright.

You can read more about my campaign for UPUA and reasons why I chose to run for an off-campus seat by clicking here or visiting my Facebook campaign group.

Not everyone running for UPUA has it easy though. Jay Bundy, or “Team Bundy” is in for a tough race for the presidency against Mike Hines.

Bundy has more than 1,000 fliers that say “UPUA…The New Pink,” and he is the “Best Jay in Town.”

“Pink is my favorite color,” he said. “There’s nothing better than leaders who are comfortable wearing bright colors.”

Sporting a pink shirt, Bundy also said his dog is a major part of his campaign as his flyers explain, “It’s puppy love.”

“She will stay with me. We feel Diana is a mental health tool for the campus,” Bundy said. “Dogs make people smile.”

Actually Mr. Bundy, if you’re looking to provide some better mental health for the campus, it might serve you well to offer an actual campaign platform. Also, you blatant references to illicit drugs in the “Best Jay in Town” flyers are a disgrace.

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