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Vicky Triponey Holds Useless, Closed Door Meeting On Paternoville

Editor’s Note: This blog post originally appeared on the website of “Safeguarding Traditions Of Penn State,” which was the precursor to Safeguard Old State. It appears here for posterity.


Vice President of Student Affairs Vicky Triponey held a closed-door meeting last night on Paternoville. Representatives from the Penn State University Police, Intercollegiate Athletics, UPUA and “an undisclosed number of students” met with Triponey to “talk about concerns”.

Not only was the meeting unannounced beforehand, but members of the press under The Daily Collegian were denied as well. This is totally unacceptable and absolutely symbolic of the way Triponey has man-handled students and their concerns since her arrival at Penn State three years ago.

The point of the meeting was ambiguous and has accomplished nothing of substance. “We’re going to go digest and figure out what we might do different or keep the same,” said Triponey. Greg Myford, Penn State’s associate athletic director for marketing and communications, confirmed that, “no firm decisions were made.”

Those who attended the restricted-access meeting at our so-called “student centered university” were reluctant to talk about what was discussed, merely saying that many things needed to be worked out and that more meetings would be held.

UPUA Vice President Mitch Belding (sophomore) said that, “before we talk about timelines, we’ve got to talk about setting structure for Paternoville to be run.” Paternoville representative Jordan Cascino (sophomore) said, “I’m trying to get students to rally to work with the university.”

These students, while their intentions are admirable, fail to understand that getting students to rally to work with the university is absolutely not the problem. The problem, in fact, is that the university needs to be forced to work with its students. This is something that cannot be effectively achieved under UPUA as its actions are limited by its mission to serve merely as an “advocacy body” and not as a student government.

That Triponey would hold a closed door meeting to discuss a tradition as cherished as Paternoville and end it with no conclusions, solutions or ideas on a praticle level is absurd. Penn State administrators acted like children in the way in which they banned Paternoville and they deserve to be called out for these decisions as they amount to anti-student policies on campus.

So long as interlopers like Dr. Vicky Triponey continue to interfere and actively corrupt student-founded, student-run institutions and traditions at this university, Penn State as a unique and honorable institution will be threatened.

The Daily Collegian would do well to remember their being barred from reporting effectively on a meeting that deals directly with a hugely important student tradition.

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