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President Stathes Suggests Plotting by Student Affairs on Paternoville

Minutes ago, USG President Stathes suggested on The Lion 90.7FM‘s flagship public affairs show, Radio Free Penn State, that the university knows they made a mistake in regulating Paternoville and will invite UPUA to “fix” it by recommending solutions suggested by administrators.

He followed up by saying, “I hope I’m wrong,” explaining that he hopes that UPUA is successful and starts making real decisions that benefit students. If that happens, he says, he will respect UPUA and admit their success.

Stathes says that the decision to allow UPUA to “fix” Paternoville will be made in an effort to continue blinding students to what is actually going on. “Wake up!” Stathes says, meaning that students should realize that the administration is taking more and more (and more) of our student traditions and ruining them – and when students look back on their university years from now, they will realize it will be nothing like the university we inherited.

Stathes closed by ensuring listeners that he has “lots” of respect for Jay Chamberlin and that he thought he was a “great guy.”

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