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‘Inside Higher Ed’ Reports On PSU Stop & Student Representation

Editor’s Note: This blog post originally appeared on the website of “Safeguarding Traditions Of Penn State,” which was the precursor to Safeguard Old State. It appears here for posterity.


Elia Powers of Inside Higher Ed reported last Thursday on the lack of democratic student leadership at Penn State University. For frequent readers of the STOP blog, most of Mr. Powers’ article is little more than a recap of what has happened with UPUA and USG over the past few weeks.

It is very encouraging to see that media outlets both on the web like Inside Higher Ed and national cable networks like Fox News Channel are beginning to see that something is terribly wrong at this university.

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[…] The post on Left of Centre is another example, in addition to the mass media coverage, of how others are noticing the immoral treatment of students by administrators at Penn State. Left of Centre and Fox News is doing their best to help the students of Penn State. How will you help Penn State students gain the basic citizen rights enjoyed by students at most other universities worldwide? […]

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