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The Daily Collegian Criticizes UPUA Vice President Belding

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In its official editorial piece today, the editors at The Daily Collegian criticize the lack of process at last Sunday’s UPUA Town Hall meeting in 302 HUB-Robeson Center. The meeting, already covered here at PSU STOP, was not an orderly one as few members made much of an effort to follow parliamentary procedure.

The editorial, though, criticizes newly appointed UPUA On-Campus Representative Katelyn Holmes for “monopolizing” the floor for nearly an hour. “When someone monopolizes the floor in such a manner,” say the editors, “it frustrates others who are waiting, which could lead to a decreased interest in UPUA’s town hall meetings.”

I would propose that the amount of interest for students to speak at Town Hall meetings of UPUA would be vastly decreased merely by the fact that students are forced to sit through potentially hours of technical proceedings before they are actually given an opportunity to speak – at the very end of the session.

What I really admire the editors for is that they picked up on a quote by UPUA Vice President Mitch Belding that really shocked me during last Sunday’s meeting. “It sends a mixed message to the student body,” said Belding, “during our meetings to say ‘Here’s the opinion,’ and ‘Now, here’s the dissenting opinion.'”

If anything, I would think it would send a more solid message to students at large who would then see that UPUA is not plagued by group-think or otherwise totally like-minded. The United States Supreme Court has been able to pretty effectively present both a ruling opinion while supplementing it with a minority dissenting opinion.

“What’s even more upsetting,” assert the editors, “is the fact that all this bickering is already beginning to be reminiscent of the problems that USG had during its time as Penn State’s student government.” Indeed. It was foolish to think that a problem like infighting could ever be solved by replacing one organization with another – infighting happens whenever human beings with differing opinions need to work together.

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