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Penn State Employees To Pay For Fiscal Irresponsibility?

According to The Daily Collegian, Penn State President Graham Spanier will seek to balance the budget by laying off employees if the state doesn’t allocate more funding to the university. Some excerpts from the article: According to Spanier’s testimony, if state appropriations to Penn State’s agricultural program are not increased, layoffs in the department may […]

Graham Spanier Begs Before The House

Once again, Penn State President Graham Spanier went before the House Committee on Appropriation, requesting more funding to offset tuition hikes. Spanier doesn’t believe that the 1.6 percent increase that Governor Ed Rendell proposed mere weeks ago is going to cut it (well, I don’t either, but that’s beside the point).

Sometimes You Just Have To Wonder…

…how more wacky things here at Penn State can get for the civically-involved student. Tonight I was exiting the ground floor studios of The LION 90.7fm (in between the fish tank and the pool hall in the HUB), and I approached one of the HUB staffers, who mentioned that Jim Scaltz, the director of the […]

The Aftermath: What the End of USG Actually Means

In a few moments we should be receiving a copy of all documents entered in the record of today’s USG Joint Session which we live blogged, in case you missed it. Stay tuned for those documents. Now that USG has voted to disband as of 7:30p.m. Tuesday, what will become of student representation? If you […]

SOS: Live Blogging From The USG Joint Session

THE LIVE BLOG IS NOW OVER, as is the Joint Session. Joint Resolution #2 has passed overwhelmingly: the future of student government at PSU, at least for now, is rewritten and USG isn’t part of it. Sorry about the delay in coverage, we all know how reliable the University’s internet connection is in room 302 […]


SOS has received word that today’s joint session will result in the dissolution of the Undergraduate Student Government, according to USG sources! Previously thought to only be a discussion about the future of the USG and of student governance at Penn State, numerous sources are reporting that the joint session will yield a swift end […]

SPA Slated To Take Control Of Movin’ On from ARHS

The newly created Student Programming Association (SPA), the organization charged with hosting major entertainment events for University Park, will assume control over the annual Movin’ On festivities as soon as next fall, sources confirm. Movin’ On, the annual mega-concert that takes place on the HUB lawn and is currently funded (to the tune of nearly […]

A few thoughts on Thon 2007…

At PSU Stop, we often shine our Headlights of Justice on areas that need improvement at Penn State University.  But it’s also important that we take time to recognize what makes our university so special and so dear to us.  When all is said and done, regardless of student marginalization or the elimination of traditions, […]

PSU Students React; What of $600k For Alcohol ‘Education’?

In a scathing letter to the editor in The Daily Collegian, Penn State student and my roommate Dan Prendergast calls out Dr. Vicky Triponey for what he sees as her attempt to micromanage the budget of student organizations. Props to Dan for so honestly stating his opinion on a topic that was covered in last […]

Is UPUA ready to hold elections?

According to an article today in The Daily Collegian, the University Park Undergraduate Association is planning on holding spring elections for all of its offices. UPUA, an administration-implemented student advocacy group to rival the underfunded and under-appreciated Undergraduate Student Government, held its first election this past fall. We all remember how that turned out: after […]