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UPAC Demands 1.4M From Triponey-Created Fee Board

In a surprising power-play, the leadership of UPAC has requested nearly 1.4 million from Vicky Triponey’s vichhi-France like-Funding Allocation Board (FAB). Before FAB’s take-over of the Student Activity Fee, UPAC was the sole distributor of student activity monies. Now with FAB, students don’t actually have control over their own activity fee at all — all […]

UPUA Inches Closer Toward Merger With USG

UPUA, the up-and-coming student government at Penn State, will meet this Sunday and decide on the fate of the proposed merger with ex-government USG, led by President Nick Stathes. UPUA’s Internal Development Committee has drafted a resolution that would accept the terms imposed by the USG Trust in order to successfully acquire the Trust’s roughly […]

ARHS, UPAC Elections ‘Disappointing’

I think the headline says it all, but for more information, you can read this piece from The Daily Collegian. Our good friend Ian Brown writes: About 300 students voted in last night’s residence area government/University Park Allocations Committee elections, an election official said — 600 less people than last year’s election. “I’ll be honest […]

Mayor Welch Opens The Lines Of Communication

According to a story in the today’s issue of The Daily Collegian, Mayor Bill Welch and other county leaders held a question-and-answer session with members of the Penn State student community last night. Staffer Ian Brown writes: The questions touched on a broad array of topics, but most focused on the issue of alcohol use […]

Triponey Throws UPUA $6,000 From Student Affairs

Vice President (read: Overlord) for Student Affairs Dr. Vicky Triponey has given the newly christened student government, the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA), $6,000 in starter funds to help run spring elections and go toward other initiatives. UPUA is noticeably starting to fracture — its members’ personal dissagreements with one another are starting to be […]

UPUA Representative Frustrated With Lack of Power

I am writing as a current elected student representative hoping to clarify what can best be described as obfuscation in regard to the Article entitled “Admin. Stays ‘hands-off’ in merger”. Although I applaud Dr. McGinty for champing this proposal that unites a fractured student populace, however, the assertion that the student government is involved in […]

Penn State Aims To Raise Another $1 Billion In Latest Campaign

Peter Tombros, a Penn State alumnus who previously served as the executive vice president of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and the CEO of Enzon, a biotechnology firm, was named as chairman of the next capital campaign. The goal of Penn State’s newest Capital campaign is to raise over $1.37 billion for scholarships, endowed chairs, research and “other […]

Penn State Features Graphic Novels at Paterno Library

Penn State Live published something that may actually turn out not to be purely propaganda in the form of “Graphic Novels: Not Just For Kids“. The video, which originally aired on WPSU, briefly chronicles the growth of cartoons into their new title of “graphic novels”. Apparently, as an interesting aside, Penn State employs a woman […]

The Daily Collegian Slams Rally At The Rotunda, UPUA

The Daily Collegian published a scathing editorial today slamming the organizers of the Rally at the Rotunda 2007 as well as students in general for not attending in larger numbers. The Collegian reported yesterday that roughly 50 University Park students attended, but this is inaccurate. I was there as a UPUA representative, and from our […]

Mayor Welch: Student Action ‘Often Linked To Weather’

A relatively interesting piece about the history of student activism in today’s issue of The Daily Collegian contained a number of rather far-fetched assumptions and opinions, mostly credited to State College Mayor Bill Welch. A portion of the article: State College Mayor Bill Welch, who has lived in the area for more than 60 years, […]