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Triponey Throws UPUA $6,000 From Student Affairs

Vice President (read: Overlord) for Student Affairs Dr. Vicky Triponey has given the newly christened student government, the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA), $6,000 in starter funds to help run spring elections and go toward other initiatives.

UPUA is noticeably starting to fracture — its members’ personal dissagreements with one another are starting to be batted around more openly than before, spilling out most recently as Government Affairs Chairwoman Hillary Lewis voted down a proposal by President Jay Chamberlin that, some speculate, would’ve helped him bar Jay Bundy from running again in the April elections for the organization.

As Triponey throws $6,000 to an organization that increasingly can’t even figure itself out, let alone how best to aide and govern students, some UPUA members are looking toward spending the money in a surprisingly irresponsible manner. For instance, Doreen Strauss, chairwoman of the special events and programming committee, has stated interest in using some of the money to plan a retreat for members of UPUA.

I have to ask: why would we plan a retreat for ourselves when we have less than a month left in office? Talk about wasteful spending. I’m all for a retreat, but if it was going to happen, it should’ve happened in the fall, when we were fresh in our various positions. Wasting hundreds or thousands now on a retreat would cheat the next Association of much needed funds to service the student body.

Where has student government gone at Penn State? With the USG Trust enjoying its final weeks of life, we’re left wish only the wish that things were more like they were before Dr. Triponey came here and started destroying what students held dear. It’s times like these that I feel endlessly frustrated.

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