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ARHS, UPAC Elections ‘Disappointing’

I think the headline says it all, but for more information, you can read this piece from The Daily Collegian.

Our good friend Ian Brown writes:

About 300 students voted in last night’s residence area government/University Park Allocations Committee elections, an election official said — 600 less people than last year’s election.

“I’ll be honest that I’m disappointed,” Kimberly Roth, Association of Residence Hall Students (ARHS) election committee chairwoman, said. “You can only publicize and put information out there so much, then the students have to do the rest.”

Did anyone think that the elections for UPAC (pronounced YOU-pack) and ARHS (oddly, rhymes with “marsh”) would generate any moderate amount of student interest? Unfortunately, as we’ve mentioned in the past, student apathy seems to be the name of the game for these university elections.

There’s no point digging deeply into the hows and whys of the apathy epidemic (columnist Gavin Keirans did a wonderful job of that in the aforementioned piece). However, while the reaction to this particular election may have been disappointing, I certainly don’t consider it surprising in the least.

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ARHS and UPAC thought they could run elections outside of USG/UPUA and tally legit results. All of this will be used as an eventual excuse to disband these organizations.

“student apathy seems to be the name of the game for these university elections” – you need to wonder, especially with these two groups – were the students apathic first or did these organizations become too isolated from the general public?

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