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Movin’ On Suffers Low Turnout From Poor Weather

Movin’ On, the annual concert on the HUB lawn sponsored by ARHS, is taking place today until roughly midnight. The event receives roughly $60,000 in student activity fee money every year from UPAC. Unfortunately, this year’s concert is suffering particularly low turnout, largely due to cold and rainy weather conditions.

At 6pm there were roughly 200 people in front of the main stage, with about 50 watching Lidz perform on the sidestage. Movin’ On is supported by dozens of local businesses. This annual tradition at Penn State was started in the 1970s and has been run by students ever since.

In February we warned students in ARHS that Vicky Triponey’s new hybrid student-administrator run “Student Programming Association (SPA)” was slated to take control of Movin’ On from ARHS in the future. Since then, SOS has repeatedly warned student leaders that the “writing was on the wall“, so to speak, and that ARHS had been targeted by the Triponey machine for destruction or — more likely — marginalization.

While Movin’ On moves along through the night, we at SOS will be keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn’t move on out of the hands of students in ARHS.

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