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UPUA Moves Closer To Becoming Student Government

UPUA confirmed by a vote of 25/0/1 on Sunday night its new constitution, which was months in the making. The organization is now one more step closer to actually functioning as a legitimate student government, which is good news for those students who wish to be real leaders on campus. The question everyone loves to […]

When Will Genuine Student Leaders Emerge For UPUA?

These are some dark and gloomy times here at Penn State University. The students are left without a strong student government; we’ve got no fearless advocate for students rights’ to champion student concerns. The still newborn University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) is not structurally able to support the myriad needs of a diverse student body, […]

UPUA Constitution Caters To Special Interest Groups

UPUA INSIDER DISPATCH — For background, I served on the ad-hoc committee created within UPUA to examine and revise the government’s constitution. The UPUA Constitutional Review Committee clocked roughly 30 hours in session anaylzing the constitution and doing our best to make it more serviceable. After completing our work, I can say that the document […]

UPUA Mired Down In Constitutional Review Process

What it took one committee in UPUA to review and confirm in roughly 11 hours it has taken another committee over seven days to do the same. “We can’t seem to agree on even the little things,” said one member of the Internal Development committee, the body charged with reviewing the UPUA Constitution as it […]

The Price Of Dissent At Penn State University

President Spanier has, over the course of his time here at Penn State, frequently emphasized his commitment to acting “in loco parentis”, which means that he sees it as the obligation of the University to steward its children – the undergraduates – in place of our parents during our time here. In the absence of […]

Know Your Rights: Keirans’ Wraps Up Awareness Week

The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) sponsored Awareness Week has now come to a close.  Organized by Gavin Keirans, “Know Your Rights” was a presentation designed primarily to inform students about a variety of topics ranging from realtor advice to ones constitutional rights. The night consisted of speeches from three strong advocates for students rights at […]

ARHS: The Writing Is On The Wall (Warning #2)

Students of ARHS: Your election day partnership with UPAC failed to garner even 1,000 out of a potential 42,000 votes. Do you realize how gravely this reflects upon your organization? We’ve already warned you that your power was next to be taken away by the forces that be (read: Vicky Triponey) inside Old Main. Now, […]

UPUA: Creating Rules That It Can’t Enforce

INSIDE UPUA DISPATCH — Tonight UPUA President Jay Chamberlin called an emergency session of the Association in order to push through a number of contentious amendments to the UPUA Elections Code Act of 2007. The document is important in that it strictly regulates how, when and where campaigns can exist and how they conduct themselves. […]

Vicky Triponey Fires Greek Life Staff; Informant Bails

Vice President for Student Affairs Vicky Triponey has fired her Greek Life staff, according to leaders in the IFC close to the situation. The informant, who wished to remain anonymous, first reported Triponey’s dismissal of the Greek staff to Safeguard Old State on March 21. Despite attempts by SOS to further report on the situation, […]

Waste of a Rally

Recently I attended the Rally in the Rotunda. The rally was my first and most likely my last. I came in expecting the place to be packed with students, legislators, and media. So much for assumptions because the only thing I found is that my car ride down to Harrisburg was longer then the actual […]