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‘The First Thing To Go Will Be Radio Free’

It’s not often that administrators like Vicky Triponey slip up and reveal their rather insidious intentions for student life at Penn State, but every so often one says something that one shouldn’t have. Vicky did this most famously when she arrived in Happy Valley in 2003 and essentially told Penn State’s student radio station to […]

Truth To Power: Vicky Is Bad For Penn State

Let’s revisit an old quote of Tom Shakely’s from The Daily Collegian: “It’s pretty definite that we’d all agree that the … problems facing Penn State students are being caused by one person, and that’s Dr. Vicky Triponey,” he said. Whew! Pretty harsh, right? On the face of it, certainly. Let’s get down to it, […]

Vicky’s Doublespeak: ‘Students Have Control…’

“Students still have control…over where their activity fee goes,” said Vicky Triponey in an Aug. 31, 2004 article in The Daily Collegian. The collective response of the student body to this bold statement (and lie) by Triponey, Queen of Deception, should have been, “Hmm? Oh really? Three years later to the date, I’m left wondering […]

PSU Plans Change… Without Student Input

Opening up this year’s first issue of The Daily Collegian was an article entitled “Officials mull football ticket changes“. The article discusses possible options including forcing students to swipe their ID cards to enter the games, granting preference to students who attend more games, and forcing students to inform the University of their intent on […]

‘Director for Student Rights’ Open To All Students

Safeguard Old State is proud to announce the creation of a fifth position on the Board of Directors: the Director for Student Rights. This position is designed such that its director will work closely with the Director for Advocacy Initiatives and the Director for University Relations in examining areas of Penn State student life and […]

Triponey Will Make The Final Decisions

I was perusing the archives of The Daily Collegian recently, and this particular article from last semester caught my eye for a gem of a quote that’s far more revealing than it probably meant to be: FAB [Funding Allocation Board] will deliver its recommendation on fall funding to Vice President of Student Affairs Vicky Triponey […]

Penn State #2… In Failing Student Aid

Yesterday The Daily Collegian reported that the Princeton Review ranked Penn State #2 in students dissatisfied with financial aid. As SOS’ Director for University Relations, this ranking troubles me. A bit more troubling however is the fact that many Penn State students still seem to believe that the majority of the blame falls on the […]

PSU Embarrassed Again

Vicky Triponey’s bungling has disgraced the name of Penn State University once again.

PSU Owes $270,000 Downtown?

On Friday the Centre Daily Times published a story outlining the latest development in Penn State’s ongoing feud with the State College Borough to pay owed taxes for the university’s eateries in the HUB: UNIVERSITY PARK — They include a Sbarro, a sushi bar and a Chick-fil-A chicken restaurant. But the handful of commercial-looking eateries […]

Vicky Wants PSU ‘Student-Centered’?

That is, of course, if you believe in a world where students have control of their own activity fee. Unfortunately, this is not that world. The quote to which the title of this post refers is a “Who’s Who” feature from 2004 in The Daily Collegian: Vicky Triponey is the newest member of the Office […]