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‘Director for Student Rights’ Open To All Students

Safeguard Old State is proud to announce the creation of a fifth position on the Board of Directors: the Director for Student Rights. This position is designed such that its director will work closely with the Director for Advocacy Initiatives and the Director for University Relations in examining areas of Penn State student life and rights that are threatened by administrative encroachment in one aspect or another.

The Director for Student Rights will be responsible for, primarily, the defense of student traditions at Penn State University, as well as ensuring that students who feel they are being marginalized or otherwise trampled upon under Vicky Triponey in the Office of Student Affairs will have someone to whom they can talk and resolve their problems.

For too long now Student Affairs has been encroaching upon students time honored traditions, and even in some cases, their rights as Penn Staters. The Director for Student Rights will exist to ensure that student life and university officials are working in the spirit of shared governance, and that further encroachment that would negatively affect the student body at large by the Office of Student Affairs does not occur.

The position is open to all undergraduate students at Penn State. If you’re interested in applying, simply e-mail “directors@safeguardoldstate.org” with your name, year, resume and reason for applying. We’ll review the candidates and vote on the person to fill this new and exciting leadership role in Safeguard Old State.

The deadline for applications for this position is Friday, August 31. We’ll review the candidates over the weekend and announce the new Director for Student Rights on Sunday, Sept. 2. Good luck to all who apply, and thanks for your interest in Safeguarding Old State.

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