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Triponey Will Make The Final Decisions

I was perusing the archives of The Daily Collegian recently, and this particular article from last semester caught my eye for a gem of a quote that’s far more revealing than it probably meant to be:

FAB [Funding Allocation Board] will deliver its recommendation on fall funding to Vice President of Student Affairs Vicky Triponey before June 1. Triponey will make the final allocation decisions after the Penn State Board of Trustees meeting in July.

Wow, would would’ve thought? Triponey, a non-student, administrative entity in Old Main, singlehandedly determining who will get the various chunks of the roughly $2.5 million student activity fee we pay each semester.

But, wait just a second. I thought Vicky had told us that “students still have control…over where their activity fee goes”? Ohhh, that’s right. Just another bit of clever public relations deception meant to obscure the truth. I almost forgot that we put that lie to rest here at Triponey Watch at the beginning of the semester.

Maybe taking away students authority and decision-making power is just somehow all a part of Triponey’s goal to make Penn State more “student centered”.

In the insane world of the Penn State bureaucracy, it’s perfectly normal to, as Triponey does, say one thing and do another. Hypocrisy? Not in the Ivory Tower, baby!

See, for Triponey, it’s okay to be the sole determiner of how money that isn’t hers (the student activity fee) is spent. After all, the students on the Funding Allocation Board did “deliver its recommendation” on what students want to see done with the money.

Unfortunately, saying that students have control merely because Vicky can choose to listen to or ignore the lowly recommendations of students on a kangaroo kommittee that she herself created is not only misleading, but an outright theft of student rights.

Saying that “students still have control…over where their activity fee goes” simply because they get to voice their opinion to Triponey — who makes the real decision — is like saying that the 8 year-old had control over going to the dentist because he got to “deliver his recommendation” to Mommy to go to Pizza Hut instead.

In the end, Mommy Vicky is the one making the real decisions for us at Penn State — not students. Seems like a strange way to do things if she really wants to make this place more “student centered”.

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You guys are awesome. Someone needs to stand up to the combined evil of Triponey and Spanier, and no one else seems to have the courage. Keep it up!

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