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PSU Plans Change… Without Student Input

Opening up this year’s first issue of The Daily Collegian was an article entitled “Officials mull football ticket changes“. The article discusses possible options including forcing students to swipe their ID cards to enter the games, granting preference to students who attend more games, and forcing students to inform the University of their intent on whether or not they will be attending the next game.

These plans seem fairly worthwhile especially in comparison to a number of their predecessors, but I must voice an objection which I think the opening sentence of the article epitomizes: “Officials in Penn State’s athletic ticket office are considering several changes to how Beaver Stadium student section tickets are issued and how students enter the stadium, an associate athletic director said.”

Officials in Penn State’s athletic ticket office? Are these the individuals who actually purchase student tickets? Are these the individuals who will actually have to live with the results of a new policy? No. Students are.

So it certainly begs the question, why aren’t students being consulted on this matter, especially in that our football team is one of the institutions at Penn State nearest and dearest to the hearts of students? Consistent with the general trend at Penn State, administrators are once again making a decision that directly affects students without consultation.

After reading the article and mulling over the possibilities, I know I am not alone in saying that I have an opinion. The problem is simply this: those making the policy are not asking us, the students of Penn State. So while I could sit here and discuss the pros and cons of the proposed possibility, it will be in vain until somebody with the power to change the policy is actually willing to listen.

I will however take the time to mention that decisions such as these made on our behalf further show our need for a real form of student government. UPUA’s feeble attempt to pass an “opinion” on student tickets last year did not receive a single vote once it made it to the assembly and shows their inability to effectively represent students on this matter.

At other Big Ten schools with functional student governments, students would be a part of this decision. At Penn State, students are hung out to dry.

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