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An Eye on the Penn State Administration

‘The First Thing To Go Will Be Radio Free’

It’s not often that administrators like Vicky Triponey slip up and reveal their rather insidious intentions for student life at Penn State, but every so often one says something that one shouldn’t have. Vicky did this most famously when she arrived in Happy Valley in 2003 and essentially told Penn State’s student radio station to shove it.

In a private meeting between the late Robert K. Zimmerman and then student General Manager Dan Hausman, Vicky explained that her decision to cut all $25,000 in annual funding to The LION 90.7fm was motivated at least in part due to her dislike for the station’s public affairs talk show, Radio Free Penn State.

For The LION 90.7fm to receive funding from her office, she told Zimmerman and Hausman, “the first thing to go will be Radio Free Penn State”. In case you’re not getting the message I’m trying to send here, Triponey tried to censor the student voice by cutting funding. And all because she didn’t like the opinions of some of the station’s students.

That’s the absolutely the antithesis of what Student Affairs is supposed to be all about. I thought Penn State valued diversity? Not diversity of thought, apparently. The ivory tower does what it wants, after all.

Of course, despite a story documenting this incident of overt censorship in The Daily Collegian, Triponey has since denied ever citing Radio Free Penn State as the reason for the funding cut. So, then, what is the reason for cutting funding? Who knows? Vicky refuses to comment further.

Although, it’s probably just par for the course, since she also refused to comment to The Daily Collegian about Safeguard Old State, even though we’ve had numerous sources confirm that, shockingly, Vicky’s a devoted fan of what we do here. Although, come to think of it, she probably just visits Safeguard Old State in a vain attempt to study it for weaknesses.

“Censorship in student affairs?”, the alumni will ask. “No comment”, Vicky shall respond.

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