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Archive for September, 2007

SOS Meets With Gail Hurley

Yesterday marked a transition in Safeguard Old State with our first meeting with Gail Hurley and the new student affairs staff.

Are Penn Staters That Happy?

Penn State Live, the administratively-run mouthpiece for Old Main, published the results of one of their “student satisfaction surveys” on Tuesday, which yielded what the administration is calling “positive comments”. Unfortunately, the survey didn’t really delve into anything of meaning, and doesn’t say as much as it might seem on its face. University Park, Pa. […]

UPUA Constitution Meeting: Disaster

Last night I attended a meeting of the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) to vote on an important resolution regarding the body’s governing document, the Constitution. As is well documented, last year UPUA tried to amend its own constitution and succeeded in passing a revised Constitution by a vote of 25-0-1. However, an administratively-run external […]

President Atherton’s ‘Enlightened Conscience’

George Atherton, easily Penn State’s most beloved president, spoke eloquently on the purpose of students within the framework of the modern university. Each individual, he believed, had an obligation both to himself and to his alma mater, and it was education that informed what the man labeled an “enlightened conscience” President Atherton said that each […]

Does Penn State University Suppress Freedom?

Why is it that a public institution has the ability to tamper with the very principles this country was founded upon? Penn State has done so by infringing upon our right to free speech and as students here we must acknowledge this before change can occur. The diffusion of knowledge is hinged upon our country’s […]

PSU Boosts Minority Enrollment

Today The Dailly Collegian reports: Penn State rising in diversity rankings A recent review of Penn State’s ongoing diversity initiatives has shown an increase of more than 1,000 minority students in the last year, resulting in several high rankings for the university. A midpoint review of Penn State’s second “Framework to Foster Diversity,” which was […]

SOS Meeting With VP Gail Hurley Delayed

Safeguard Old State leadership was scheduled to meet with the newly appointed Vice-President for Student Affairs, Gail Hurley, tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, we received notice late this afternoon that the meeting has been postponed and, sadly, will not be happening until next Thursday, September 27. Though we are deeply disheartened by this delay, we look forward […]

Will Penn State Really Do ‘More With Less’?

Editor’s Note: Penn State President Spanier, Vice-President Gail Hurley and members of the Pennsylvania media have been contacted by Safeguard Old State on this matter. In light of Dr. Vicky Triponey’s abrupt and unexpected departure as Vice-President for Student Affairs at The Pennsylvania State University, the entire Penn State family is presented with a unique […]

The Pursuit of Excellence at Penn State University

The entire Penn State family is entering into a new age after last week’s sudden departure of the ever-controversial Vicky Triponey, former Vice-President for Student Affairs here in Happy Valley. Gail Hurley, the incoming interim replacement in Student Affairs has promised to keep an open ear to the student body, which is encouraging. Ms. Hurley […]

Have You Heard Of Us Yet Billy?

Billy Mahon, the Penn State spokesman and Vice President recently claimed that he hadn’t heard of SOS. Well Bill I am here to introduce us, we are Safeguard Old State and we are here to lead the student revolution.