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Are Vicky’s Student Affairs On Fire?

Something strange is happening In Penn State’s Office of Student Affairs. Dr. Felicia McGinty left her job at Penn State as #2 under Vicky Triponey in Student Affairs. McGinty’s departure is not the only reason that more people are starting to think that Student Affairs is like a burning house at Penn State, caused by a fire Vicky Triponey herself created through an arrogant management style, anti-tradition attitude and overall anti-students rights attitude.

Ask any Penn Stater who has had experience with Student Affairs at this school, and you might be surprised by how many of these folks will be straightforward with their distaste for Student Affairs under Triponey, otherwise known as the “Student House of Horrors”. Remember the Vicky Triponey timeline first published here at Safeguard Old State in 2006? We’ve been keeping it updated, and Vicky’s history of destroying student traditions and effective, time-honored institutions is still a lurid one.

With Felicia McGinty now enjoying the sunshine in California, Student Affairs under Vicky has a very select (and mostly inexperienced) elite running the show for students in Happy Valley. Not that McGinty was anything like a valiant advocate for students, but her departure raises eyebrows about Vicky’s ability to effectively manage her department – specifically at a time when student leaders are becoming increasingly vocal about their disgust with one of the most vital departments at Penn State.

Simply stated, Vicky Triponey has too much power. McGinty’s absence provides the perfect opportunity to examine how a select few administrators have absolute – absolute – control over the lives of students in Student Affairs. Vicky has the final say over everything from student organizations to student government to anything directly affecting students outside the classroom. Any sane person should be able to see a major problem with the picture painted in Penn State Student Affairs: it’s a dictatorship!

Since Vicky arrived, students have had their rights and traditions vanish in just 3-4 short years. She’s taken a sledgehammer to what genuine “Penn State Pride” is in Happy Valley. What can students do about this sad state of student affairs? Contact your state legislators and newspapers right now and voice your disgust with Triponey and her cabal in Student Affairs.

As we spread the bad news of Vicky’s reign, the quicker the Board of Trustees will do the right thing and examine whether Triponey’s actions are consistent with the mission of Student Affairs and the visionaries like George Atherton and Evan Pugh who devoted their lives to making Penn State the proud institution it is today.

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