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Vicky: Desperate To Prop Up UPUA

Some people, when faced with the imminent failure a half-baked and/or poorly-executed undertaking, seek refuge in the pathetic last resort of throwing obscene amounts of money at their bad idea in hopes of keeping it afloat.

This is Vicky Triponey’s strategy for salvaging the UPUA.

She is able to do this without check or balance, because she has seized control of the student activity fee, stealing away students’ say in the expenditure of their own money. She just doesn’t get it.

UPUA has thus far been a glorious, if strikingly insignificant, failure, not because Triponey hasn’t yet gained enough control, but because she has already taken far too much. People in general, college students especially, and PENN STATERS IN PARTICULAR, do not appreciate being herded like cattle or commanded like mindless automatons.

If Vicky truly wants a “student-centered university,” then she should be empowering students to make decisions for themselves and trusting in the institutions of true shared governance. But that’s just it, she neither cares for nor wants a “student-centered” anything. Vicky Triponey wants to lord over a “Pay Up and SHUT UP” authoritarian mini-state, with the pride, tradition, and fundamental mission of Penn State all considered, at best, expendable.

Unfortunately for Triponey’s not-so-secret agenda, there is an ever-growing cross section of Nittany Nation dedicated to passionately Safeguarding Old State. And no amount of Vicky’s money (or vitriol) can change that.

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