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Collegian In The Crosshairs?

The Daily Collegian has certainly been brutally honest in its recent coverage of the ongoing embarrassment that is Vicky Triponey’s tenure in the Penn State Office of Student Affairs. One can only wonder how long it will be before Triponey seeks to impose institutional censorship on PSU’s campus newspaper, just as she did while wreaking havoc at UConn.

Take a lesson from the past. Read the words of former college students struggling against the tide of a Triponey power grab, circa 2003:

“Vicky Triponey threatens to destroy the independence that is so important to the survival of The Daily Campus as a valid, honest, credible voice for the students. The Daily Campus is the watchdog for the administration. If the newspaper becomes subject to the whims of the administration, if they are able to change the structure as it suits them, then The Daily Campus will lose the ability to report responsibly on the administration’s activities.”

Sound familiar? They didn’t stand for it, and neither shall we.

Vicky Triponey is not a Penn Stater. As an outside, career-administrator, she cannot be expected to understand or appreciate our traditions and values — as exemplified by the disdain with which she treats them. She also, however, does not know the pride, resourcefulness, and resiliency of the Nittany Nation.

Here at Safeguard Old State, we are confident that Triponey will soon learn, if she has not yet already, that Nittany Lions are made of even sterner stuff than Huskies.

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