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Vicky: A Different Alma Mater?

It’s a little different from the old fashioned, time honored Penn State Alma Mater, but then again, in today’s campus of tradition-bashing and theft of student rights, what does it matter? For all we know, this probably is how Vicky Triponey interprets our sacred Alma Mater.

A Vicky Approved Alma Mater?

Take hostage the Glory of Old State
For her administrators to decide thy fate,
While we sit in stagnant debate,
Change the song, respect is gone.

Embezzle our love and loyalty,
To plant the seeds of bureaucracy
Open our coffers by your decree
By your decree, By your decree .

When we awoke, it was too late
Thou arrived with a scythe of hate,
And didst corrupt our dear old State
Where’ve you gone, dear old State?

May no act of ours bring shame
To one bureaucrat that scorns thy name.
May our lives but swell their means,
Praise the State, praise the State.

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