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Have You Heard Of Us Yet Billy?

Billy Mahon, the Penn State spokesman and Vice President recently claimed that he hadn’t heard of SOS. Well Bill I am here to introduce us, we are Safeguard Old State and we are here to lead the student revolution.

In the article Student Affairs Loses Leader, Mahon said it is “ludicrous” to believe that these criticisms contributed to her stepping down. “We haven’t even heard of Safeguard Old State,” he said. “They are in no way responsible.” Right. Just like Dr. Triponey and Student Affairs have never heard of us.

If asked about the loss of student’s rights, Bill would probably say they have not been lost, yet rights have been re-categorized into more efficient roles.

You have spent way too much time on your propaganda machine known as Penn State Live. If you haven’t heard of us for some bizarre reason, then you are failing at your job. For too long you have paid lip service treating Spanier and the administration alike as Gods. If you want to truly act as the spokesperson for a student led university then start caring about students.

While you have had your head up in the sky supposedly ignoring us, we have been working to change Penn State into a more student-centered university that you Billy claim it to be already. Last year during the ticket fiasco, we were the ones who organized a rally.

This past summer we attended the ABTS conference as the official delegation for Penn State over the UPUA. Lastly believe it or not Bill we most likely had a strong impact on the changes in student affairs.

But hey why would those accomplishments make PSU Live, that might make the administration look bad and well we could never have that. Bill, nice to meet you, I guarantee you will be hearing about us for a long time.

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Bill Mahon, the official spokesperson of Penn State University, has never heard of Safeguard Old State? Interesting. If he’s the official spokesperson, one would think he’d at least have the initiative to read the Daily Collegian everyday, where Safeguard Old State has appeared numerous times. But I guess you don’t have to keep up with the news if all you are is a mouthpiece for the administration.

Well said. Congrats from your friends at ABTS. Hopefully, her replacement will understand the true purpose of the job.

Best of luck and keep in touch.

Gail Hurley seems like she is the genuinely caring type of Administrator. With luck, and with everyone working together, Penn State will become a better place to be a student at.

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