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SOS Meets With Gail Hurley

Yesterday marked a transition in Safeguard Old State with our first meeting with Gail Hurley and the new student affairs staff.

Early morning meetings are no one’s cup of tea but for Gail Hurley and student affairs, SOS will always be happy to make time. 8:30 in the morning, the meeting began with myself, Tom Shakely, Mike Anderson and Ralph Crivello representing Safeguard Old State. From the student affairs office were Gail Hurley, Dr. Stan Latta and Joe P.

The meeting addressed several issues, specifically The Roadmap for Change. In recent history at this University, Penn State students have been stripped of nearly every right, and well SOS wants to give those rights back to students.

We realize that not everything in the past was perfect and thus want to see a new era of shared governance. In this document we call call for complete transparency on both the student and administrative side so that we can have completely open dialogue.

In yesterday’s meeting both sides were very open and frank. We did not come out of the meeting with a promise of everything in the roadmap being accomplished. However we did come out of the meeting with a sense that this is just the opening of dialogue and these change can really become a reality.

All the representatives of the student affairs side were completely open, and gave feedback on the different points. There were disagreements on certain points but it was in a respectful manner. The meeting which was only scheduled to last the half hour, ended up going for over an hour.

My thoughts on this meeting are positive and if these conversations keep progressing each meeting to where changes are implemented then shared governance can truly exist.

That being said, until these changes are implemented SOS will continue to Fight for the Glory.

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