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Tuition: Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

Let’s face it, we go to a great university and that comes with costs of being a competitive school. But how high is too high? In 2000, tuition was a little over $3,000 per semester and now it’s over $5,500! Do you want change? Learn about the issues and first and act. There are too […]

BREAKING: Triponey Is Out.

Breaking news via a contact at The Daily Collegian and from Penn State Live — Penn State Vice-President for Student Affairs, Vicky Triponey, is out at Penn State, effective immediately. Dr. Triponey announced her immediate resignation today via a memo to the press and the article on Penn State Live. This is a huge win […]

Triponey’s Words Ring Hollow

Remember that old saying, “Do as I say, not as I do?”  University administrators nationwide should learn that lesson from our own Vicky Triponey.

Stake Your Claim

As reported in this week’s Centre Daily Times, the University has released the results of an internal review of its byzantine system of “justice,” otherwise known as Penn State Judicial Affairs.  Safeguard Old State will have a lot to say about this report, which looks like a positive step forward at this juncture, next week.  […]

Undercover Police At Football Tailgates

Now that I’m 21 I don’t have to be afraid of police when I drink for simply drinking. I can appreciate the purpose they serve in protecting society. But this new position has also given me an advantage to observe the operations of several undercover police this past Saturday when I was tailgating the Notre […]

Vicky’s Frankensteins: Student Programming Association (SPA)

Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of four articles to be published this week on failing and wasteful departments created by Vicky Triponey in the Office Student Affairs. Of all the things Triponey has done to set back the legacy of student affairs in her time ruling over Student Affairs, the Student […]

‘May No Act Of Ours Bring Shame’

Last Friday we joked mildly about a new, Vicky Triponey-approved Alma Mater at Penn State. Of course, no such revised Alma Mater (yet) exists, but a most distressing letter in today’s op-ed page of The Daily Collegian forces us to re-examine the real thing: The Penn State Alma Mater, by Fred Lewis Pattee. Lynnette Madden, […]

Safeguard Old State & ‘I’m Pissed About This…’

Big ups to the UPUA on taking the initiative to find students concerns with the new “I’m Pissed About This…” project. However, if it ends up being just being this one weekend and a HUB table then I have something to add to the pissed off catalog. SOS believes further steps are needed.

Voices of PSU 9/14

* Safeguard Old State grew from the grassroots level as an organized expression of the anger and frustration, felt by thousands of current and former Penn State students, over the way PSU’s dignity and traditions are being compromised by the likes of Vicky Triponey. In “Voices of PSU”, SOS will regularly highlight examples of Penn […]

Vicky’s Frankensteins: Center For Student Engagement

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of four articles to be published this week on failing and wasteful departments created by Vicky Triponey in the Office Student Affairs. This week we’ll be spotlighting four of Vicky’s most absurd and financially wasteful departments in Penn State’s division for student affairs. All five of […]