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PSU Traditions & Facebook

The Daily Collegian wrote on Monday that “New Traditions Won’t Start on Facebook”. We at Safeguard Old State beg to differ. The article defends its assertion by using this past weekend’s fail attempt at an “e-tradition” (to coin a new phrase in the PSU lexicon) of using blue glow sticks to augment our white-out in […]

The Problem With Alcohol

The problem with alcohol in State College is that it gets blamed for nearly everything bad that happens downtown. Whenever a fight breaks out, or an accident happens, or when someone gets arrested for drinking underage, “alcohol” is blamed. A serviceable example exists in today’s article in The Daily Collegian: Police: Alcohol Adds To Crimes. […]

UPUA Needs Dedicated Resources

The University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA)’s latest attempt to establish itself as a legitimate student government failed due to lack of voter turnout, according to today’s article in The Daily Collegian. UPUA Game Proposal Fails (TDC) — A week of gauging student interest in opening the Bryce Jordan Center for the football game against Purdue […]

Student Trustees & Transparency

The Penn State Board of Trustees holds, among its nearly 50 seat membership, one slot open for a “student trustee” to represent the interests of the Penn State student community directly. Traditionally, this seat had been handed to someone from within the student government, but now the seat is being vacated after a number of […]

Does The Borough Hate Freedom?

Student rental season is upon us yet again, and I find myself searching for a new house with my roommates someplace in the State College borough. Recently, I camped out overnight with a few roommates outside of Continental Real Estate — this is the one place left in town that attracts camp-outs based on their […]

LateNight PennState: Children’s Games

Are you kidding me? I’ve joked before to others that “LateNight PennState” — the University’s anti-drinking public relations program — is basically a playground for students who wouldn’t be going out to drink anyway, but this is a new low for Late Night: Are giant super-soft colored puzzle pieces really a reasonable alternative for Penn […]

Outrage: Penn State Embezzles Alumni Donations

Safeguard Old State has learned that the University has secretly implemented a policy designed to fleece recipients of donations from alumni and others. This information comes from an anonymous source within the Penn State administration who declined to give their name for fear of retribution. This donation policy was implemented on July 1 of this […]

‘We Value Free Speech’

Sure you do, Old Main. The Daily Collegian reported on October 19 about a new law called The College Campus Press Act set to pass in Illinois that will protect free speech in the context of student media. While I applaud this move by the Illinois legislature, I can’t help but wonder if such a […]

BJC Loses $100k From Akon Concert

I was informed today by Raj Desai, President of the Student Programming Association (SPA), that the Bryce Jordan Center lost over $100,000 in putting on the recent Akon/Rihanna concert. That’s really unfortunate. I know the BJC loses money on some events and makes it back on others, but I think that the failure of the […]

Invasion of Privacy: Dorm Checks

In the weeks to come, dorms will be checked for supposed maintenance issues. Don’t be surprised if this also means a huge jump in the number of Judicial Affairs infractions.