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The New Greek Leadership

Abe Gitterman and Ann Marie DiPietro were both selected to head up the Interfraternity Council and The Panhellenic Council (PHC) respectively. SOS believes that these two will be strong leaders.

Truth: I-80 Toll Is ‘Penn State Tax’

Editor’s Note: The I-80 Toll Disaster Blog on Safeguard Old State is published regularly every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, excepting breaking news and other announcements. *** In politics it’s often tough to call a spade a spade, so to speak. Here at Safeguard Old State, though, we’re going to level with you in a way […]

The March Toward Transparency Pt. 2

Since 2002, one of the many battles for more transparency at Penn State has come to an end, with the administration finally releasing the salaries of many top-level figures, including head football coach Joe Paterno. While The Daily Collegian covers the Paterno salary as the biggest news in this move toward transparency, what’s more notable […]

Step Forward: UPUA and CCSG Collaborate

On the topic of Advising, the two representative bodies for the University Park and Commonwealth campuses came together for the greater voice of all Penn State as a whole.

Even PennDOT Opposes I-80 Toll

Following up from Monday’s expose on our local State College politicians and their abysmal failure to lead when it comes to the looming nightmare we face with the Interstate 80 toll, we have some interesting news to cover today. PennDOT, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, opposed the idea of tolls being implemented on Interstate 80 […]

UPUA Referendum: Effective?

After months of dispute, controversy, and two resolutions the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) Referendum is a reality with only two Representatives voting against the measure (Rep. John Richter and Pat Gordon), which calls for a survey of student opinion regarding that nature and future of student government.

More Alcohol On Campus

We thought we would never see the day! The Centre Daily Times reported in an article last week that Penn State is applying to get its liquor license coverage extended from the pub inside of the Nittany Lion Inn to Cafe Laura, a co curricular dining environment in a nearby building that’s operated by the […]

What Is A ‘Diversity Pledge’?

Editor’s Note: The Penn State Town Hall blog is authored entirely by readers of Safeguard Old State. The content you read here is entirely up to you as the purveyor of our organization, so consider authoring an article or two yourself! If you’ve got a voice, why not make it heard? Simply e-mail us with […]

Reforming Our Universities

Over our extended Thanksgiving break that all of us enjoyed as Penn Staters, I was fortunate enough to come across an excellent website which I’d like to share with you now. Minding The Campus is a site founded around the idea of “reforming our universities”, specifically Minding the Campus is dedicated to the revival of […]

Disgrace: A Failure To Lead

The state legislature’s embarrassing and dangerous plan to saddle Pennsylvanians and visitors to the Commonwealth with yet another tax continues to barrel along toward becoming legal and implemented. Unfortunately, the citizens of Centre County seem to remain particularly oblivious to this incredibly bad idea. Penn State’s newspaper, The Daily Collegian, published a story following up […]