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Controversy & An Ex-PSU Admin

Michael Gilbert, Penn State’s former assistant vice president for campus student services, left Happy Valley this past summer in the Student Affairs shake-up to join forces at the University of Delaware. Somehow, he is already involved in a burgeoning controversy at the home of the mighty Blue Hens.

This news comes from the Foundation for Individual Rights In Education (FIRE), based out of Philadelphia:

FIRE Response to Michael Gilbert, Vice President for Student Life, University of Delaware
November 1, 2007

FIRE is shocked and disappointed that the University of Delaware has chosen to defend its invasive and unconstitutional residence life education program. Rather than immediately renounce and dismantle what the university itself calls a “treatment” program for students living in its residence halls, the school has chosen instead to obfuscate, deny, and distort the program’s intention, its operation, and its effect.

Vice President for Student Life Michael Gilbert raises several erroneous and misleading points in response to FIRE’s October 29 letter that demand an immediate answer. Below is a list of assertions from Gilbert’s letter, followed by FIRE’s rebuttal of each claim.

Be sure to check out the entire story from the beginning, and see what you think after reading everything. I wonder if controversy followed him from PSU, or if administrators educated partially or wholly in the “art” of Student Affairs here simply bring the knee-jerk denial reaction with them where ever they go…

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Wait a second, that program sounds a little like…dare I say it…the race relations project here on campus?

Here’s am interesting quote off the FIRE website:One student identified in a write-up as an RA’s “worst” one-on-one session was a young woman who stated that she was tired of having “diversity shoved down her throat.”

Diversity shoved down her throat…hmmm…sounds an awful lot like dear Old State lately…

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