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Safeguard Old State Thanks Our Readers, Heralds New Dialogue

Love us or hate us, Safeguard Old State has become a powerhouse of advocacy and student-alumni opinion throughout Nittany Nation over the past few months. As an organization we thank everyone who has visited the website and helped contribute to furthering a diversity of thought for the Penn State community.

While our tens of thousands of visitors over these past few months demonstrate that people are genuinely interested in the mission of Safeguard Old State, there is always room for improvement.

This website tries to offer unique prospectives on issues dealing with Penn State and the community at large. In order for this to be effective, we need as many voices as possible.

If you have thoughts, let them be known ,whether by blogging or commenting on these blogs. We absolutely as organization do now want to have people think this is our message, now believe it.

Actually we want to foster dialogue and get people thinking about issues that have an effect on all of us. If you agree with what is written then great, if you do not and have a solid reasoning for disagreeing with us then great as well.

What I hope we have accomplished is forcing student, faculty, administrators and alumni alike to start thinking about the issues at hand here at this university.

Personally I love this university and believe there is no better fit for me. At the same time I realize that the university can be a hell of a lot better and I will continue to lead the cause of promoting effective changes.

Penn State throughout its history has been a university that has pursued excellence, which is an obvious reason why the university is one of the top universities for alumni donations.

Safeguard Old State hopes to rebuild that pursuit of excellence for today’s current student. Somewhere in recent history Penn State moved away from being elite student centered university to focusing on profit maximization.

Somewhere, Penn State moved away from the law of students first and shared representation to the laws of supply and demand.

Just because Penn State applications continue to increase does not mean the university can forget about the roots it was founded upon.

For those who may see us as radical and a shore term fad, I can assure you this is not the case. Our vision and mission will continue to grow and influence this university.

Mahatma Gandhi once said “Be the Change you Want to See in the World.” Safeguard Old State will continue to represent the change we want to see at Penn State.

To everyone who came to this website and helped become part of that change, Safeguard Old State and I thank you.

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What an incredible milestone to reach, after such humble beginnings. Congratuations Gavin, Tom, and everyone else making us proud to be Penn Staters!


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