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UPUA President and Vice President Speak Out

Editor’s Note: The following is an editorial written by UPUA President Hillary Lewis and Vice President Frank Keller. In this, Lewis speaks of the productivity of the UPUA as well as their struggle for their accomplishments to be recognized.

“We will go no where if there is not a full open dialogue between the administration, faculty and student body.” – Gavin Keirans, Executive Director of Safeguard Old State

Well said Gavin. As sensible people, we couldn’t agree more. As the President and Vice President of the University Park Undergraduate Association, we would like to take a moment to make a few things clear before this semester’s end:

1. We, along with the other members of the UPUA, pour our hearts out for students and our cause.

2. We, Hillary Lewis and Frank Keller, are not puppets and are bound by no worldly masters.

With no disrespect, The Collegian would have you believe we have accomplished nothing this past semester; however, we dutifully check-off items from the platform that we were elected on every week.

There are no sweet perks to being on the UPUA, there is no benefit to carrying out the “evil” administration’s action plan. One Google search of our names by a future employer is more damaging to us than spoiling any administrator’s day. We work for students all day, every day regardless of what anybody says.

To hear an individual state that “student leaders” are not being student leaders truly hurts our hearts.

Members of UPUA have put tremendous effort into compiling and presenting a thorough report on student football tickets to Penn State Athletics, completed a referendum to gauge student opinion, revised Faculty Senate Policy, defended students’ rights to the Borough Council, and have even been handing out FREE blue books and donuts to help you, the student body, survive final exams. That was just this week.

We do not actively seek recognition for all that we do. We do not seek compensation of any form for what we do. We wake up every day, read the paper, and carry out our duty to the student body, regardless of what prevailing sentiment is.

Actively leading 35,881 undergraduates at University Park, we have initiated conversations on academic policy, food pricing, microwaves, dorm costs, student tickets, printing credits, how much Ruckus sucks, a better student affairs website – the list does and will continue.

We whittle away small chunks every day. We will get there with your trust. We will get there with your help. It is our pleasure to serve you all. Good luck with your final exams and happy holidays.

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initiated conversations huh?

free donuts????


i mean, you’re kidding right???

i did basic training in Missouri, the “show me” state. so naturally, don’t tell me about how you pour out your heart and all your glorious good intentions, SHOW ME what you have accomplished.

and please don’t cite rewriting your governing documents, b/c thats inside baseball that doesn’t serve the purpose with which you are meant to exist.

here’s the truth: upua is the bastardized creation of Vicky Triponey’s SA to replace USG so they could completely take over the SAF. UPUA is the placenta after effect of that fiscal powergrab, and nothing more.

if you really want to do something for students, stop trying to play the admin game. stop pretending to be a student gov’t. stop enabling the airs of legitimacy to this dance and charade that you do on behalf of students, and that they the admin are only too happy to have you do.


you want to be a real student leader? then do that. organize that protest. challenge the so called “authorities” at old main and beyond. refuse to play their game.

make them play yours.

thats leadership. what you are doing, begging your an audience, begging for respect, while handing out krispy cremes, is not.

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