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The Makings of Success

Once upon a time, Penn State’s news source was not the elite brand that it is today. However due to support and dedication, Penn State now has one of the leading sources of news in The Daily Collegian. This proves it takes time to build up an effective organization.

The Collegian traces its history back to 1884 with the Free Lance. This paper was produced monthly on “about the 15th of every month.”

The paper though well intentioned looked to be a mess in that they could not even set a production date. Even in their first issue that was published, The Free Lance missed their deadline of production and asked for financial support.

Seventeen years later the paper still was unnoticed and in dire circumstances. In the paper’s first Editorial of 1914, it talks of the restrictions of producing a weekly newspaper, blaming the paper’s state of affairs “on poor support from the student body”

Sound familiar? This is the same argument that student government and organizations go to all the time. However if you are ever going to be successful, this argument needs to stop being used as a crutch.

The editorial goes on to talk of the state of affairs in State College at the time.

“A weekly publication has been the talk of every new [editorial] board. Smaller Colleges then State put out a better weekly than we do a monthly. But there are in towns of greater population that State College and are supported by good advertising.”

Fast forward about 100 years and The Daily Collegian which was a later offspring of this paper, is the tenth ranked college newspaper in the country and even has their own documentary on PBS.

Through time and due to the efforts of early pioneers, The Daily Collegian was able to evolve into one of the highlights of The Penn State experience.

These early editors and writers helped set up the blueprints of what was needed for a successful newspaper, and through their trials and tribulations, the paper continued to improve.

Here is the point, while this early newspaper may have struggled drastically, it still was innovative in that it provided something that the Penn State community was lacking. Now Penn State had a real news source.

This is exactly what Safeguard Old State is trying to provide, something that the Penn State community is lacking. As happy as the valley is supposed to be, there is still a great deal of dissent.

Our goal is to help make effective changes to those issues of which students have qualms about. We want to stand up for voices who have been stifled or unheard.

Basically we do not want Penn State lumped in with all the other “State” schools. We want Penn State to be the elite, a Mecca for free thinking individuals to prosper.

If that is something you are about then have your voice heard. This change is not going to happen in a day, a month, or maybe even a year.

What you have seen so far this semester is the beginning of our efforts, and we look to continue our efforts for the betterment of Penn State for years to come.

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