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Three Years Later: Still no Medical Amnesty

Safeguard Old State’s very own Tom Shakely wrote a Letter to the Editor during his Freshman year, calling for a Medical Amnesty Policy. Now UPUA Legal Affairs is again trying for this policy. This time around it must become a reality.

My Reponse to the Letter to the Editor

Jim Coder, a senior who plans to work at NASA, decided to directly attack me in the paper. It is extremely disappointing to see someone make their arguments personal rather than about the issues at hand. I am happy to educate Jim about the work of Safeguard Old State so that he better understands what […]

Medical Amnesty Address

UPUA Legal Affairs, led by Matt Lachman is pushing a policy that would offer Amnesty from Underage Citations for those in need of medical attention. The only problem is that the university is not O.K. with offering amnesty to those in need of attention. Cornell Understands it, Why not Penn State?

Safeguard Old State Responds to State Patty’s Day Critics

In response to the concerns of local State College and Penn State University officials, as expressed to the campus newspaper The Daily Collegian, about Safeguard Old State’s plan to assist in nurturing the new, organically-grown student tradition of State Patty’s Day, SOS delivered the following message to prominent leaders from both sides of College Avenue. […]

Doing The Unexpected: College Student Elected Town Mayor

One of the things we often wonder at Safeguard Old State is whether the State College community would be better off if students didn’t have more say in the affairs of the town through either the Mayor’s office or the Borough Council. This past week, SOS Executive Director Gavin Keirans’ ruminations on the subject were […]

CDT Letter Writer Understands PSU Problems

Jude Spak, a Patton Township resident, wrote in to the Centre Daily Times last Friday in a damning letter to the editor that spoke more truths than resident Penn State spin artist Bill Mahon has spoken in his life. Read through Jude’s letter and see for yourself: Centre Daily Times — Letters to the Editor […]

Why Not A Student Mayor?

The current Mayor of State College, Bill Welsh will have his term end in 2009, In a borough where in student dominated districts there are over 10,000 students registered to vote, I ask why not a student for Mayor. Collegian Picks up story- Student Mayor.

Step Forward: ABTS Coming to Penn State

After SOS representatives attended the conference in the Fall and UPUA representatives in the spring, the conference is finally ready to come home to Happy Valley. The main question is are we ready?

Backrooms & Dirty Deals: Who Knows The Truth?

In news that comes as no surprise to us here at Safeguard Old State, The Daily Collegian is reporting that Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is set to approve the appointment of the next so-called “student trustee” to the Penn State Board of Trustees. Gov. Reviews Nominee For Student Trustee — Gov. Ed Rendell has interviewed […]

Safeguard Old State Sponsors ‘State Patty’s Day’ 2008

www.StatePattysDay.org Dear Penn State family, I hope the spring semester is off to a strong start for you. Spring marks a time of tradition at Penn State, as events that are embedded in the Penn State culture occur. THON as well as Blue and White weekend are the traditionally known events of the spring. However, […]