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State Patty’s Day: Honor This Student Tradition

We’ve all heard that “Happy Valley is a drinking town with a football problem.” Why is it, then, that some of Penn State students’ most famous organically created traditions that involve alcohol are immediately rained down upon with flaming, rusty arrows by Penn State administrators and local State College officials?

State Patty’s Day is set to be celebrated this coming March 1, being organized for the second year in a row by Joseph Veltre, who since last year has joined our team here at Safeguard Old State as Director for Student Rights. I’ve spoken at length with Joe about this issue, and it’s something that is deeply important to him. Not because he created it. Not even because it involves alcohol. Joe cares because it involves students standing up for themselves and blazing their own trail of tradition at Penn State.

Last year, Old Main officials like Vice President Bill Mahon came out vehemently against the idea of State Patty’s Day. Mayor Bill Welch even proposed drinking glasses of water instead of alcohol, suggesting that the entire endeavor was childish. Still, State Patty’s Day went off without a hitch and proved to be probably the most noteworthy thing to happen the entire Spring 2007 semester.

And it all happened because a few students stood up and decided they wanted to make their dream a reality. This year, again, those students will face a similar struggle, but of a slightly different sort. Sure, they’ll still be derided by Old Main’s administrative phalanxes, but this year the greatest struggle may lie in reminding the student body why it should be proud of what it has accomplished, and helping University Park to realize that it can make it happen again.

As the push to make the Second Annual State Patty’s Day a reality continues, Safeguard Old State will be there to be a voice of reason in the wilderness of lunacy at Penn State.

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Maybe some students will “spontaneously” create a group to stop State Patty’s Day. Quick, someone tell Lisa Powers to send out an e-mail.

You know, I sent her an email about that whole issue and she never responded. glad to see she’s earning her paycheck and responding to the people she’s supposed to serve.

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